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Energy saving rotary kiln
Energy saving rotary kiln

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Also known as cement kiln rotary kiln,lime kiln.It is a rotary kiln(commonly known as rotary kiln,lime green energy),belonging to the class of building materials of the device.Rotary kiln can be divided into treated material such as cement kilns,lime ...

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Also known as cement kiln rotary kiln,lime kiln.It is a rotary kiln(commonly known as rotary kiln,lime green energy),belonging to the class of building materials of the device.Rotary kiln can be divided into treated material such as cement kilns,lime kilns and metal processing.
When the normal operation of the rotary kiln,through the final transmission means is transmitted to the open drive force of the main motor,driving the rotary kiln.Material burned in the oven from the oven(cylinder end).Due to the inclination and rotation of the slow action of the cylinder,the material of the roller in both the circumferential direction and the axial direction(bottom to top)the mobile generated by the clinker cooler in the hood the oven cools.The fuel is injected into the furnace by the furnace,the combustion exhaust gas generated after the exchange with the furnace material derivative.
The basic structure of the rotary kiln is divided into:a combustion chamber,a furnace bell,bearing ring,cylinder,roller,ring gear,furnace liner,transmission,furnace furnace tube.
1.Simple,reliable operation
The high-level automation,regulation,control and operation of the production system alarm is centrally controlled by PLC main room control,and less operator in place,work efficiency.Production of total vacuum,airflow,high security and stable production.
2.Good quality,high efficiency products
I produces the furnace researchers through continuous improvement and innovation to overcome traditional equipment is difficult to control the temperature,product quality,high unstable energy consumption and severe environmental pollution and thermal efficiency and low defects,good Product quality,high efficiency,very suitable for large-scale chemical mass production.
3.energy saving and environmental protection
Rotary oven simple structure,control,and conducive to operation and maintenance.Concentration of bag filter pulse of the emission of dust is less than 50 mg/Nm 3,below the national emission standards,the effective protection of the environment of the place of production.
4.High energy and low consumption
In the exhaust gas preheating installation of the rotary kiln of the vertical preheating furnace you can take advantage of the material,which greatly reduces fuel consumption and low heat consumption per unit of product,high energy and low energy consumption,To achieve certain advantages in the production.
Technical Parameter:
ModelTechnical DiameterMain Reduction MachineMain MotorWay of Catching WheelSupporting NumberWeight(t)
Rotary Speed(r/min)Slope(°)Capacity(t/h)ModelSpeed RatioModelPower
Rotary Speed(r/min)

Energy saving rotary kiln
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