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Ore HPT Cone Crusher is Selling
Ore HPT Cone Crusher is Selling

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SBE HPT series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is in the past three decades on the basis of experience in the development of the crusher,combined with technology at home and abroad advanced,after several generations of product development and A ...

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SBE HPT series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is in the past three decades on the basis of experience in the development of the crusher,combined with technology at home and abroad advanced,after several generations of product development and Application,the introduction of a new Generator high-performance hydraulic cone crusher.Based on traditional multi-pin hydraulic crushing cylinder,the eccentric lever on the spindle structure and lamination crushing principle,the HPT series has made a breakthrough in the structure of the equipment,which significantly improves performance and the ability to Crushing equipment.Support the design of the hydraulic lubrication system to ensure reliable operation of the equipment,at the same time,smarter operation and more humane operation.
HPT hydraulic crusher size iron is large,treatment of sand finished in 8mm or less high grain product content has a great advantage in practical use compared,the production line is stable,good grain shape,In full accordance with the construction quality with the production needs of gravel mechanism enjoys renown among customers.
1,reduction ratio,high efficiency,high speed combined with the stroke so that the power greatly improved and the HP rated capacity,reduction ratio and improved production efficiency.
2,low-cost vulnerability,low operating cost,reasonable structure,key data and advanced grinding technology,reliable operation,low cost of operation,all parts of the crusher have protection against wear,reduce costs Maintenance to a minimum,the duration of general use can be increased by 30%.
3,broken laminates,a large form of grain finishing,with special design principles and special speed laminated particles between grinding chamber adapted to replace the traditional principle of particle size reduction,to obtain materials selective wear,significantly increased the proportion Of the product particles and the cubic content,much of the needle reduces the sheet material.
4,hydraulic protection and compensation of the hydraulic cavity,high degree of automation,reduce downtime,and adjusting the hydraulic pressure of the discharge opening in such a way that the operating level of the protection against Overload cone crusher has been greatly improved,making maintenance easier,more convenient,downtime;Cone crushers HP release of iron through a two-way hydraulic cylinder allows iron through the crushing chamber,the cone crusher in the case of iron and instantaneously produced car drilling,the automatic upper hydraulic discharge,Greatly reduced the spring cone crusher must be closed for artificial breeding problems,and many other manufacturers of crushers,but will stop because of the excessive death of iron letter.
5,oil lubrication,vital advanced reliable,increase,the unique design of the fine oil lubrication system,which greatly improves the life of the equipment.Seal labyrinth non-contact wear performance,to improve the reliability of the dust barrier,elimination of common faults spring cone crusher oil cone mixed with root water.
6,various chamber grinding,flexible,adaptable,only cone crusher HP replace fixed cone cone,moving cone coating in the form of coarse crushing cavity of an additional standard cavity for microfine short head any cavity transform large product range To fit the size requirements.
7,maintenance is simple,easy to use,HPT cone crusher all parts are removable from the top or side and convenient maintenance Cone cone fixed motion and withdrawal without need to disassemble the frame,bolts and crusher HP Coating cone daily replacement is more convenient.By a hydraulic motor,so that the optimal efficiency of the mill.
8,hydraulic cone crusher offer greater capacity,better shape of the product,and automatic control of easy,reliable and maximum flexibility,and really create more value for users.
Technical data
ModelCavityMaximum Feeding Size(mm)Minimum Discharging Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Maximum Installed Power(kw)
HPT100C1(Extra Coarse)1401950-14090
F2(Extra Fine)206
F2(Extra Fine)7510
HPT300C1(Extra Coarse)23025110-440250
F2(Extra Fine)8010
HPT400C1(Extra Coarse)29530135-630315
F2(Extra Fine)9010
HPT500C1(Extra Coarse)33038220-790400
F2(Extra Fine)9513
HPT800C1(Extra Coarse)35038310-1200630
F2(Extra Fine)15013

Ore HPT Cone Crusher is Selling

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